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Nandavanam Center for Learning (NCL)

Nandavanam Center for Learning started as an after school support program catering to  First Generation of School Goers from the Chinna Neelankarai fishermen community, which organically expanded into School for children with Learning Disabilities and School dropouts.

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Nandavanam Learners Club – After school Program

Learners Club - Nandavanam Learners Club – After school Program

This after school program provides academic help to the children and builds on skills required for academic success. Along with the academic, the program also helps the children acquire life improving, social and emotional skills through various other programs. The program started in 2017. 

Main Objectives:

Academic Bridging: The children are helped with homework, studying their lesson, exam preparation and project work .


Academic Skills: Various academic skills like reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking skills and study skills are provided to the children for better academic performance.


Life Improving Skills: Discipline, productive happiness, problem solving skills, self-expression and help them move from spectator mode to participative mode.

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Main Objectives:

Emotional Skills: Improving their self-esteem, self-confidence, how to handle stress and disappointment, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and help them identify and solve their behavioral issues.


Extra Curricular Activities: Dance, Drama, Singing, Art and Literature reading.


The objectives are met through individualized plans catering to each child’s academic skill requirement along with planning to meet large group learning objectives. Each term is planned carefully, keeping the goals and objectives, which are translated into weekly planning.

NCL School 

Nandavanam – Center for Learning is a child-centric program, which started in 2019 to cater to children with learning disabilities and school drop out from underprivileged backgrounds. The objective is to provide education toward meaningful, empowering,and enriching livelihood.


Many children with Learning Disability and scholastic backwardness go through the routines of school without gaining any skill or knowledge. The program caters to children who have gap of more than 2 years in skills with respect to their age and class. These children require intense remediation involving educational therapists, Physiotherapist and remedial teachers. They also need one-on-one session to help them overcome their deficit and strengthen the academic skills.

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NCL School

The children are pulled out in agreement with the school and full day remediation is provided to fill the gap and the children will be sent back to school after two years depending upon each child. Children who wish to stay with the program will be helped with their 10th and 12th through NIOS and followed with appropriate higher studies to suit their passion and strength towards an empowering livelihood.


Children go through a comprehensive assessment to find out their strengths and weaknesses. An IEP is made for each child and the same is executed.

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The activities of the day include

Physical games, which are designed and executed by physiotherapy to help them overcome their deficit.

Educational Therapy, which addresses their perceptual and cognitive deficits.

Reading Program

Arthimetic Program

Study skills to help them cope with the subjects


Story telling





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