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About Us - Nandavanam


The essential meaning of the word Nandavanam literally and figuratively describes the work we do. 'Nanda' meaning 'the child' and 'vanam' meaning 'the forest' come together to create the essence of the 'Nandavanam' or the 'garden' we are in the process of creating. Nandavanam is an independent registered trust supported by CorroHealth company, Newgen KnowledgeWorks and Botree International.

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Our Mission is to empower local communities through Healing, Learning and Living. 



Through Healing, Learning and Living, we wish to make a difference at the grassroot level in our community especially to help people who are below the poverty line. 

Through this body of work, we hope to assimilate build a knowdge bank to be able to share with others to imbibe. 

We wish to create a self sustaining community that will live by the principles we set for ourselves. 

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