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Nandavanam Centre for Healing Education

Nandavanam Center for Healing Education caters to the children with developmental challenges like Autism, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities. The centre provides a wide range of services that include Medical Intervention, Healing  Education, External therapy Physiotherapy and Family Support Services to the underprivileged special needs children from the local community. This day care facility started in the year 2014 and currently support children in our neighbourhood.

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Case study

Mohan has come a long way since the day he joined the Nandavanam family. From being a restless, dependent and speech-impaired child, Mohan has bloomed into a more settled, sociable and self-reliant young man.

On arrival, Mohan (name changed) had many behavioural issues including body restlessness and over-laughing; he wasn't participative and was bogged down by sleep and speech struggles. Over time, we worked on him through speech and physical therapy, classroom activities like chanting, clay work, etc. and even group activities with peers, while maintaining a daily rhythm at school and home. Today, he has become more confident, with a great demeanour and an improved physical structure.

At the Nandavanam Centre, we use techniques like physiotherapy and engagement activities to give many such children a new lease of life through care and learning. 

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